LOVEGEVITY OFFERS Career and Technical Education programs

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We provide high-quality Career and Technical Education programs offering professional certification and continuing education courses through partnered schools like yours.

Make Our Students Your Students.  

Together, we help your local students start new businesses, enter new careers, and find jobs to match their education and career goals.  

Here’s how…

Kevin Lee Master Class

Our Students Learn From Industry Mentors

As a college program manager, you know education is the catalyst to open minds and open doors to new opportunities that better one’s life.

Lovegevity partners with industry leaders who each bring over 30+ years of experience to the classroom. These one-on-one learning opportunities establish invaluable relationships and networking opportunities in the real-world even after graduation.

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Education isn’t just about being book smart, its about knowing how to apply new knowledge and skills to a strategic plan designed to meet and exceed career goals and objectives.

“It’s all about education and giving the opportunity for people that are new in the business…”~ David Tutera

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David Tutera Symposium Interns

Our Students Work With Celebrities

New York Fashion Week Interns

Our Students Work For World Class Organization

Lovegevity is focused on blending real-world educational career tracks with hands-on experience, internships, and job placement assistance.

Students create a professional portfolio of work experience as part of our professional certification programs which helps to make them more competitive and establishes credibility in the marketplace.

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Through our corporate, charity, and industry partners we continue to identify, validate, and review curriculum for technical, academic, and employability knowledge and skills that meet the needs of students and industry stakeholders.

This exploration helps us to expand students’ minds beyond initial career goals to looking at how their new skills can give-back and contribute in kind to a greater cause through purpose & mission.

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Lisa Vanderpump Charity Gala

Our Students Work High Profile Events

Lovegevity Graduates – Houston, TX

Our Students Rave About Their Education, Hands-On Experience, And Success

Lovegevity’s network of instructors have a minimum of 5 years experience and must actively own and operate an industry-specific business.

This means our instructors are experts in the local market and have established credibility in the local business community.

Instructors extend the classroom learning into the local market through hands-on learning with on-the-job-training in real-life situations for immediate feedback and guidance from industry professionals.

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Today, Lovegevity students graduate from over 2200 partnered colleges and universities and span across 166 countries in over 1650 cities worldwide.

With partners like you, our community continues to grow every day with amazing, smart, creative entrepreneurs ready to build lifestyle brands and successful businesses.

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Kevin Lee Master Class – Hollywood

Make Our Students’ Success Part of Your School

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Together, we can bridge the gap between education and industry, ensuring that students are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

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