11 Essential Copywriting Skills Every Marketer Needs

Newsflash: whether you’re a digital content creator, a freelancer or a full-blown business owner, you’re a marketer! It’s up to you to effectively promote your skills and expertise in a way that makes others want to work with you.

Newsflash: whether you’re a digital content creator, a freelancer or a full-blown business owner, you’re a marketer! It’s up to you to effectively promote your skills and expertise in a way that makes others want to work with you.

There’s truly no better way to do that than with excellent copywriting. Even if blank pages are the bane of your existence. And finding the right words that get readers to stop scrolling isn’t your zone of genius, you can still leverage this lucrative skill to get more eyes on your business – and more money in your bank account.

Check out these 11 skills top-ranked copywriters possess to craft messages that cut through the clutter.

Skill #1 – Master of Conversational Grammar

Grammar rules used in formal writings such as essays, thesis papers and reports are different from those used in copywriting.

While grammar is a vital piece of all writing, copywriters master the art of conversational grammar to ensure they write relatable, personal copy that evokes emotion and motivates action.

Skill #2 – Clear and Concise Communication

Having the ability to explain a topic clearly and write in plain English is one of the skills that give professional copywriters credibility and notoriety.

While you may read a witty ad or a clever social media post, the real goal of copywriters is to craft clear, concise, compelling and credible messages. Being clever is a bonus, but you should never sacrifice clarity for the sake of being clever.

Skill #3 – An Eye for Detail

Businesses have to be careful about how they present their brands, the types of claims they make. Making false or unsubstantiated claims in product descriptions or other marketing materials can wreak havoc on a brand’s reputation and could even lead to legal troubles.

Aside from legal issues, it’s vital for businesses to deliver factual statements about their products and services to maintain client trust. Having a keen eye for detail helps copywriters ensure their writing is always on point and accurate.

Skill #4 – A Passion for Vocabulary

While great copy uses words that are simple and easy to understand, pro copywriters understand the value of having a good vocabulary. See, you have two types of vocabulary – active and passive. Your active vocabulary includes the words you frequently use while the passive one contains the words you never use in everyday conversation but understand when you read or hear them.

The average adult’s passive vocabulary is about ten times larger than their active one. This means, your everyday vocabulary is likely missing some powerful words and phrases that your readers and audience understand. Top-ranked copywriters research words and phrases their clients, clients’ target audiences and competitors use and incorporate words outside their active vocabulary that appeal to their clients’ audiences.

Skill #5 – Avid Researcher

All great copywriting starts with conducting research about the product/service being promoted, the intended audience, market and so on.

Top-ranked copywriters are relentless at uncovering the facts to ensure they create credible and compelling copy.

Skill #6 – Data Analyzer

Marketing is all about measuring. Pro copywriters study data like conversions, open rates, clickthrough rates and engagement metrics to determine if the messages they’ve created are resonating with the audience.

They rely on data (not merely gut instincts) to determine when and how to pivot.

Skill #7 – Great Listener

Copywriting is more than just writing. To truly dig into the minds of clients and buyer personas, top-ranked copywriters have mastered the skill of active listening.

This is because great copy goes beyond selling and into the realm of reflecting the values of the business and echoing the voice, tone and personality of the brand. And the best way to do this is to listen to the way the client (and audience) talks about the business, products and services.

Plus, active listening is a great way to virtually guarantee the final copy is exactly what the client wanted versus what the copywriter thought they wanted.

Skill #8 – Ability to Relate to Different Perspectives

When writing copy for your brand or other clients, it can be tempting to approach the task only from your personal vantage point. But the reality is that your perspective isn’t the ONLY one and it also isn’t necessarily the right angle for the copy you’re writing.

Professional copywriters know that copywriting is not about writing as them and from their perspectives. It’s about deeply understanding the client, product/service, target audience and the needs and desires of that target audience and writing in a way that unites those things into a relatable, persuasive message.

Skill #9 – Ability to Simplify Complex Topics

Skilled copywriters have a knack for explaining information in the simplest terms, all while captivating readers. They do this by avoiding jargon, defining key words and phrases and providing explanations when necessary to ensure readers can follow along with the message without being confused or frustrated.

Copywriters also write with energy and get the reader involved when sharing complex topics. This helps readers feel like they’re engaged in the conversation and being talked to rather than talked at.

Skill #10 – Persuasion Pro

Copywriting is the art of creating persuasive marketing and sales content with the goal of boosting conversions. To do this, copywriters craft messaging that uses persuasive triggers to arouse reader interest and motivate them to take a specific action.

According to Dr. Robert Cialdini, a prolific researcher on the topic of influence and persuasion, there are several key principles that can trigger/persuade humans to say “yes.” These principles include creating reciprocity, sharing social proof, building authority, highlighting scarcity and conditioning audiences to take small, yet consistent actions.

Skill #11 – Ability to Put a Fresh Spin on ‘Old’ Topics

The idea of there being “nothing new under the sun” presents longstanding challenges for copywriters tasked with the responsibility of crafting fresh, new content for products and services that are anything but fresh and new.

However, pro copywriters rise to the challenge by exposing themselves to new ideas, staying abreast of relevant market changes and pulling in outside-the-industry ideas that can give topics a new, yet still relatable spin.

And there you have it … 11 essential copywriting skills every marketer needs! Not sure you can do all this? Mastering these pro copywriter skills is easier than you think … when you have the right strategies and guidance. And you’ll learn how to master these skills and so much more as a Certified Professional Copywriter in Marketing and Persuasive Copywriting.

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